Ideasdon'tcreate success. People do.

Often, these idea powerhouses are entrepreneurs—wholly unique individuals whose appetites for risk and adventure can make or break the most promising of ventures.

Do you know what makes them tick? And how to use this information as a competitive advantage? Getting a veteran outsider's inside view could be all that's standing between your next venture and big success.

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It’s Your AdVenture. Choose It or Lose it.

In business, you get to choose your destiny every day. That's the beauty of a free market, and the beauty of AdVenture: whether you're an entrepreneur at work on a new venture, an employee at a growing enterprise or an investor looking to maximize return, you need to respond to different opportunities and challenges across the business lifecycle.

AdVenture examines events from these three very different perspectives—the entrepreneur, the employee and the investor—revealing what each must bring to the table to succeed. See how they shift and what to expect based on the entrepreneur’s personality, priorities and stages of the business. And learn how to navigate these changing dynamics to your most competitive advantage.

an outsider’s inside view.

A marketer and successful entrpreneur, author Moira Vetter has spent 25 years at the table with some of the most successful entrepreneurs, businesses and private equity firms. With AdVenture, she shares the benefit of this unique vantage point with readers.

Revealing 7 unique attributes that influence stakeholders—and how roles and even the venture itself changes as you bring it to market—AdVenture is a practical guide to understanding, supporting and investing in the most exhilarating adventure of all…success.

See how these experiences led to Moira's own entrepreneurial success story.

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The AdVenture Begins!


i am an entrepreneur

Think you have what it takes to be a serial entrepreneur? See what this book has to offer you.

i work for an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are a little crazy. This book can help you survive this sometimes love/hate relationship. See what AdVenture has for you.

i invest in an entrepreneur

You fund the engines of industry. Realistically assessing the entrepreneur and the venture protects your investment. See what perspective AdVenture can offer to help maximize your return.

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Part startup manifesto, psychology course and go-to-market handbook, AdVenture is a practical guide to getting an entrepreneur to market, living through the launch of the enterprise and loving it. If you:

  • Struggle to articulate the vision of the enterprise and build awareness, credibility and value – BUY THIS BOOK >>
  • Deal with an entrepreneur who is all passion but struggles to execute – BUY THIS BOOK >>
  • Are wondering how to harness speed to reduce time-to-market and speed revenue – BUY THIS BOOK >>
  • Are struggling to balance risk tolerances with your investors or team, or vice versa – BUY THIS BOOK >>
  • Need to refine business concepts and rewards to motivate your team, investors and buyers – BUY THIS BOOK >>
  • Are challenged with building repeatable results and aligning your business to the end game – BUY THIS BOOK >>
  • Are at a growth crossroads and need a plan to move to the next level or “stay small” – BUY THIS BOOK >>
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Revealing compelling business, marketing and behavioral insights on every page—along with practical tips, scenarios and strategies for every stage of the business lifecycle—AdVenture builds on a marketing veteran and entrepreneur’s experience helping 170+ businesses launch, grow and divest to deliver a unique "outsider's inside view" that could be all that’s standing between your next venture and success.

Speaking Engagements

A dynamic and engaging speaker, panelist and personality who has appeared on Fox News, CNBC, CBS and other media outlets, Moira is an active and charismatic presence at several highly visible business, marketing and entrepreneurial events on the east and west coasts.

A member of Leadership Atlanta Class of 2013, a featured Entrepreneur in the 30th Annual Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education, a featured speaker at the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, and a guest entrepreneurship blogger for Frazier & Deeter, Moira is no stranger to leading insightful, entertaining and spirited discussion across the business, marketing and entrepreneurship spectrum.

Moira is available to speak on topics including entrepreneurship, entrepreneur education, strategic consulting, integrated marketing strategy, digital marketing and communications, online and mobile advertising, private equity, small business growth, lead generation, CRM, public relations, social media and publishing, with content-rich, interactive presentations and materials that can be customized for your specific audience or event. She travels from Atlanta, GA.


Book Moira to Speak At Your Event:

Please call or e-mail for speaker rates. A 50% deposit is required to reserve the date with the balance due on the day of the event. Special considerations may be made for non-profit organizations.

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About Moira Vetter

Moira Vetter didn’t get serious about business until the second grade. That’s when she started running the register in her father’s pharmacy and got a first hand look at the rise and fall of an entrepreneurial venture.

Today she is the founder and CEO of Modo Modo Agency, an award-winning, business-to-business marketing firm that has won over 100 awards in its first 5 years. Modo Modo Agency, Moira’s second entrepreneurial venture, won the #2 spot in the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s 2010 Fastest Growing Women-Owned Firms ranking. The firm has offices in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Moira began her professional career 25 years ago on the client side in technology and healthcare before moving to the agency world, working in several well-known national firms. In her career she has helped more than 170 businesses with well over 200 products and services define, launch, grow and even divest of their ventures.

She serves on the Executive Advisory Board and is Past President of the Atlanta Chapter of the America Marketing Association. She sits on the board of the Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs and is a member of the Leadership Atlanta Class of 2013. Moira also serves on the Georgia Department of Education’s Marketing Cluster to help develop marketing curriculum for Georgia High School students. She was a featured Entrepreneur in the 30th Annual Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education, was a featured speaker at the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance and is a guest entrepreneurship blogger for Frazier & Deeter. She has appeared on Fox News and CNBC.

Moira commits the resources of Modo Modo Agency to a variety of non-profit efforts and service projects. With her DoGooder program, she quarterly closes Modo Modo Agency for a full day and takes the staff off-site to serve their chosen charity. In 2012 the company helped MedShare, The Study Hall, The Foundation for Hospital Art and the Dunwoody Nature Center.

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In the past, DoGooders have done service for Open Hand Atlanta, the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge, The Center for Self-Sufficiency/Café 458, Uplift Internationale, the Global Soap Project, homestretch and Books for Africa.

In addition to volunteer service, Moira’s company donates significant pro bono professional services to other firms. In 2012 alone they supported Great Promise Partnership, SWEA Southwire Engineering Academy, Georgia Watch, Oxford Center for Entrepreneurship, OnBoard (formerly Board of Directors Network) and Wear Your Soul Foundation. Past organizations served have included 12ForLife, Ecole du Samedi and HireOne Atlanta.

Moira is a sucker for a good cause and an even bigger sucker for entrepreneurial charmers. She hopes this book will draw even more of them into her sphere.

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Moira, being both an entrepreneur and a marketer, has a unique vantage point: a veteran “outsider’s” inside view that could be the competitive advantage you need to catapult your next venture into the stratosphere of success.

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For media interviews and speaking engagements, contact Moira.

To download the media kit in full or in part, click the links below (check back later):

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Terrific Book on Entrepreneurship for Anyone

For anyone passionate about entrepreneurship, either being the entrepreneur, working for one or introducing an entrepreneurial spirit into their organization, you need this book! Aside from being a brilliantly designed and created book, its full of great advice and quotes that will inspire you to grab ahold of your dreams.

It's also very affordable, so everyone should pick this book up and spend some time with it. And I literally read it in one day - its that good. In fact, I bought several extra copies to pass out to friends.

I rank it right up there with my favorite business books of all time.


-Jeff Hilimire, President & Chief Digital Officer, Engauge

Engaging and Dynamic

I love the creativity of Moira Vetter's book. The use of focused messaging, design elements, and good advice for an entrepreneur makes an engaging read. It would also be terrific for the team working around the entrepreneur to fully understand the motivations, desires, and passion.

-Maria Bothwell, President, Sparks Grove

Capture the Unlimited Power of Entrepreneurship

After reading it cover to cover, I am a believer that this is how you capture the unlimited power of entrepreneurship! Moira Vetter's book is a must read for ALL ENTREPRENEURS!!! Anyone who is considering starting a business, currently leading a business, revitalizing a mature business or exiting a business (before they go on to their next AdVenture) need to read this book. I flipped through it one afternoon and found myself three hours later planning on how many I needed to order to send out to my friends and business associates. Locally, this book teaches you how to become an entrepreneur or to inspire an entrepreneurial mindset to boost any stage business. Globally, this book is about how this nation can launch thousands more entrepreneurs for the future. The author shares how we need to master what she calls the "emotional mechanics" to succeed and win. Awesome book!

-Page Harty, , Partner, SignatureFD

Great Book
for Budding Entrepreneurs

This is a great book for someone who's interested in starting a business and wants to know what it takes. I've been involved with two start ups now and can tell you her advice is spot on. It's also cleverly laid out in a way that makes it easy to consume. I read it cover to cover in about 3 hours. I actually liked it so much I blogged about it.


-Donovan Panone, Partner/CMO, X3 Sports

Excellent Reading for Every Business Person

This is one of those easy to read in a short time books that every business person needs to purchase and read, and then read again. Thinking outside the box is the key to the Entrepreneur success and this books gets you thinking. The Author's "THE SEVEN ATTRIBUTES OF ENTREPRENEURS" is right on target. I'm so impressed with Moira's book that I'm going to order one for my kids and my clients.

- James Polk, Managing Member, Polk Group LLC


For media interviews, speaking engagements, requests for Moira to appear as a guest blogger for your site, requests for review copies, or if you have questions and/or comments, please use the form below.

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